Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

You will want to wear comfortable clothing and dress for the weather. Tee shirts and shorts are appropriate for summer months, and layers are recommended in the winter. You will want to wear closed toed shoes – no sandals, boots, or open toed shoes. We ask our students to empty their pockets and take off any jewelry prior to their skydive. Jumpsuits are available upon request.

How old do I have to be to skydive?

All participants must be 18 years of age or older, and present a valid, government issued photo ID. Parents or guardians CANNOT sign for anyone under the age of 18.

How long will my experience take?

We ask our students to plan on spending at least 3-4 hours with us to complete the entire experience. Weather or other unpredictable events could increase your wait time.


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If I get a video will it cover everyone in my group?

Videos would have to be purchased individually. For safety reasons you will be separated in freefall, so the video will not be able to capture anyone else.

Is there a weight limit?

– For tandem skydives our weight limit is 240 lbs, anyone over 225lbs would need to be assessed by one of our instructors prior to being cleared to skydive. Safety is our top priority and we would need to ensure the harness fits properly. We are unable to accommodate anyone over 240 lbs, no exceptions.

– For student IAD & AFF skydives our weight limit is 225lbs.

Are Reservations required? 

Reservations are highly recommended. We do accept walk-ons and will do our best to accommodate you; however this is not always possible.

Can I jump solo my first time?

Yes! Our student program allows you to jump solo with your own parachute after a 4-6 hour ground school. For more information regarding our student program please click here.

Should I tip my instructor?

Gratuity is not expected but is greatly appreciated. If you wish to tip your instructor please note we do not have an ATM on site.

Should I eat before my skydive?

We recommend you eat normally prior to your skydive. Skydiving on an empty stomach increases your chances of becoming faint and can take away from your overall experience. Low blood sugar from not eating all day combined with such an adrenaline rush could leave you sick to your stomach.

 What if the weather looks bad? 

If you are concerned about weather we ask that you please give us a call before coming out. We cannot jump through clouds, in the rain, or in high ground winds.

What happens if the parachute doesn’t open? 

It is highly unlikely that the main parachute will not open, however each jumper is equipped with a main and a reserve parachute. They are also equipped with an Automatic Activation Device, which will automatically open the reserve if for some reason the instructor cannot.

Sudden stomach drop myth?

There is no sudden drop feeling associated with freefall. As you exit the aircraft, a cushion of air is created by the forward speed of the aircraft, which supports your body as you accelerate to terminal velocity! It’s more like a floating sensation as you have no other objects to relate to except blue sky!

Refund Policy

We do require 48 hours notice of cancellation to be eligible for a full refund.

Weather Policy

If inclement weather cancels your skydive, your scheduled jump may be rescheduled for another date based on availability. Refunds will not be issued because of inclement weather as defined and at the discretion of Florida Parachute Center management.


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Are you on Groupon? 

It seems that more and more people are becoming aware of skydiving on Groupon, and many are wondering if we will be running a campaign with them. The answer is, No. We understand that as a consumer you always want to find the best deal around. We get it. We also know that many are unaware of the high cost of this sport. We feel that offering tandems at such a discounted rate is an unsustainable business plan. Please read below for the reasons we feel Groupon is not for us.

Family Atmosphere
We love that we are a smaller operation. We get to have one on one time with our students. We love how personable our service is. The only way to have any sort of benefit from Groupon is to have high sales and a high volume of customers. Sounds great right? Well, we’ve been to and worked at tandem factories. Where consumers are shuttled through the process and put on the conveyer belt. The more costumers crammed into a day, the worse the customer service experience. We want to ensure we can provide a more personalized experience and do not want our students to feel like another number.

Many skydiving facilities that offer Groupon’s are going to focus on up selling. This is the only way they make money back after offering such a discounted jump. We don’t want to shove video down someone’s throat, or sell a Groupon at a lower altitude to trick students into upgrading when they arrive. We offer one altitude for all of our students to ensure the best experience and provide them with a full 45-60 seconds of freefall.  No trickery here.

Aviation and Skydiving are both very expensive activities. As the sport has grown the price for aviation and skydiving maintenance have increased. Fun jumper prices and fuel prices have increased, yet tandem skydiving prices have remained the same or even decreased. And in the case of Groupon, these tandem skydiving rates have decreased dramatically. At such a discounted rate, there is not enough money to upkeep equipment at a safe level. When purchasing a jump at such a steep discount, it may be a good idea to consider what you’re purchasing.

Bad for the Industry
When facilities sell Groupon’s they negatively affect the pricing structure for the sport. Consumers start to believe these low prices are normal and the true cost of the sport. It results in Dropzones getting into pricing battles to spite one another, further dropping the already discounted rate. Dropzones are in a race to the bottom.

Our Mission
We want to offer our students the best experience possible as safely as possible. In order to do this, we have to sell tandems at an appropriate price to ensure we can afford new line sets, repacks, pay our staff fairly, etc.

We offer discounts for:
– Military, Police & Firefighters
– Students & Seniors (55+)
– Groups

We care about the experience. A student’s first experience in the sport can make or break their future in the sport.