Welcome to Florida Parachute Center at Coleman!

Florida Parachute Center can provide you with the experience of a lifetime! Whether you are facing your fears, crossing another item off your bucket list, or wanting to become an experienced skydiver, we are here to help you achieve your goals!

Our Tandem skydive gives you a taste of freefall while being harnessed to one of our professional instructors experiencing nearly a minute of freefall. With a large spectator viewing area on site, friends and family can be a part of your entire experience! Video packages are also available!

Learn how to become an experienced skydiver by beginning our student program. No previous jump experience is necessary.

Skydiving Possibilities

So… You want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane? Us too! If you’re anything like we were when we made our first jumps, you have a ton of questions. One of the first that we asked was, “Can I jump by myself the first time?”. The answer to that question is YES! You can enroll in our student program and jump without being attached to an instructor. But you don’t have to… You can also opt to go for a skydive with one of our experienced Tandem Instructors, in order to maximize your sensory experience. Below, we will explain the different types of skydives that we offer here at Florida Parachute Center.

Florida Parachute Center
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Tandem Skydive

Tandem Skydive

The Tandem Skydive is a great experience for the first-time, or as a repeat jumper, who is interested in the thrill of freefall. Our experienced and professional staff will usher you through the experience while taking care of everything. You will be harnessed to an instructor with this type of jump, which makes this a wonderful, carefree experience and introduction to the exciting sport of skydiving. For more information on Tandem jumps, please see the Tandem Skydive page.

*We can host your corporate event. A great team building experience*

Experienced Skydivers

Fun Jumpers

Are you an experienced skydiver? We’d love to jump with you! We have experienced organizers, rigging services, camping, block pricing and much more. Please check out our Experienced page for more information.

The Skydive Store

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(During your video your face will be out of view for a few brief moments while your instructor performs important safety checks)